While doing help exchange, sometimes you end up in a general practitioner’s house with a hot tub, pool, and extravagant library, and other times you have to be strategic about using public bathrooms when you’re out so you don’t have to use the filthy bathroom at the place you’re staying. And that is the joy of this adventure. You never know what you’re going to get. We are currently at a place called “the Gorilla Hut.” Hm, so maybe we did know what we were going to get.

We are in our host’s (Damon) house, but some other helpers are in the Gorilla Hut next door. It is a warehouse full of stuffed gorillas…

In addition to the zoo like atmosphere, there’s a pool table, a drum set, and about fourteen car seats (not for children, but seats taken out of cars). It is “crazy as.”

“Sweet as” is a saying we hear several times a day. That’s sweet as. Or “tired as” or “busy as”…it’s like a constant incomplete sentence.

We fed the pigs this morning and it was “gross as.” They smelled terrible and so did the rotten vegetables we were feeding them. The little piglets are adorable and I’m trying to separate them from bacon in my mind.

Today, we helped clean out a warehouse that a company moved out of recently. From the looks of it, the business must’ve sold dirt and grease. It was gratifying work, seeing filthy walls and windows and carpets become less filthy.

Damon has found us an opportunity to work retail before Christmas here in Hamilton. The problem with the job is that it is in Hamilton. We haven’t been blown away by it yet and I think we’re anxious to get to Raglan or Wellington. Telling Damon this has felt like trying to break up with a boyfriend that doesn’t want to let it happen.

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