chasing waterfalls and cleanliness.

We almost stayed in the smelly city for a couple weeks of retail work. The thought of it made me a bit nauseous, but the thought of making some money was appealing. Just in time, we received a reply from a couple in Central North Island saying we could come that very day (Saturday). So in the Gorilla Hut, we finished up cleaning an old oven that someone cooked something messy in and decided they’d sell it to Damon instead of clean it and then we hit the road.

Our new hosts are truly delightful. They are in their early 30’s and have the cutest little boy named Zak. Chris and Tania own a coffee roasting company and a pizzeria in town and their house has a view of Mount Doom, an active volcano in a hoppin’ ski town. Here is the view from the lodge we’re staying in, next to their house:

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