last of the ghost lake saga.

Jonathan Kenneth is a world champion cyclist and the head of NZ cycling trails. He has written many books about the best cycling in New Zealand. He rode up this morning to help on the trail. He is impressive in many ways. Over a cup of tea, he said, “It’s such an amazing thing to be a part of. This is the biggest trail making project in New Zealand in over a century.”


Ross offered us a hot shower and a bed with a pillow at his place in Nelson. We gladly accepted. What we didn’t know is that his place had a view like this: Damnit, Ross, you are the best.


Also, we are now spending Christmas with a man called Wild Bill who was our helicopter pilot on our way back to the campground. He needs help entertaining his wife, Linda, so our “work” will be going on walks on the beach with her. Brittany googled him a minute ago and found that his house was featured in the newspaper. I look forward to seeing what kind of peanut butter they have. Things are really coming together. Merry Christmas, all!

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