It’s almost 10pm and the sun hasn’t set yet in Dunedin, NZ. I went on a walk and picked up trash along the way, knowing my dad is most likely doing the same thing in FL’s Dunedin, albeit less hilly.

I met Tessa’s (you recall, a professor from Mars Hill’s second step cousin’s wife) coworker named Glenda tonight. She is from the UK, really pulls off her bright pink hair, and has a labradoodle named Knight that I will start walking tomorrow.

I have now been staying with Tessa and Ian for an entire week. They are extremely hospitable, have incredible taste in coffee and food and movies, and are seriously top notch. Kasey and Brittany left on Tuesday and I’m forever grateful to have this place to stay during the in between before my flight home for John’s wedding. They’ve been so patient as I’ve been looking for work and I look forward to paying them back one day. Thanks guys! You make Dunedin even more special.

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