the nameless pup.

Brother John got a dog in 2007 that dug her way into our hearts very quickly. Kendall is part black lab, part chow and she’s a whole lot of wonderful. Brother Greg is allergic to dogs so we didn’t have one growing up and we’ve all maybe been a little surprised by how much we love this animal (Greg even lets Kendall kiss his neck. He just takes another Zyrtek. That’s expensive love.)

So Mom and Dad decided it was time they got their own pup. I happily encouraged this decision. They found a few cuties that weren’t quite perfect matches for one reason or another. Then on Wednesday, Mom found the perfect little guy on Suncoast Animal League’s facebook page. He looks like re’s his story:

He came in the dark of night, on a transport from Alabama that he wasn’t supposed to be on…no one knew who he was. No one claimed him. It was a true mystery, just like Jason Bourne in the Bourne Identity! What to do? Well we couldn’t just leave him in the parking lot of the Steak n’ Shake in Lakeland, so of course it was a yes to our dark stranger!

Bourne is approx 2 yrs old, weighs about 30 lbs and looks like a black lab/ border collie mix.

He is super sweet and gets along well with other dogs, ok with cats, and loves people. He is a very handsome boy. He enjoys nice leash walks and loves to play in the backyard. 

He seems to be housebroken and is eager to please people. Small children make him nervous, so we suggest that he go to a home with gentle older kids (8+).

I think the name Riley is the front runner today. I’ll let you know what’s winning tomorrow. Name suggestions accepted and appreciated. 

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