ENFP. Shhhh.

While at Starbucks, I had to put my earphones in because three people tried to talk to me within the first five minutes of my arrival, before my Americano was even cool enough to drink.

I recently read an article about ENFPs (Myers Briggs personality test result) and it was crazily accurate. Especially “I like to be alone, but you know, while surrounded by people.” I do really like to be alone with my thoughts and dreams and my thoughts about the dreams. I also like knowing I won’t miss out on meeting extraordinary people. But today I just wanted to write in silence.

Now the mix of my Peter Bradley Adams Pandora station that doesn’t quite cover the jazz coming from the Starbucks speakers sounds like a dueling piano bar and makes me miss Elaine’s in the Grove Park Inn. Oh, be right back, the guy next to me is talking to me as if these earphones don’t make a statement.

2 thoughts on “ENFP. Shhhh.

    1. Min, he said, “Wow you’re really beautiful.” I thought, not beautiful enough for you to remember that you met me before at a Starbucks when you told me I was really beautiful. Probably 1,625 gals since then.

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