espresso and eleven hours of sleep.

Today I feel a bit unstoppable. I am not sure if it’s the lovely weather, or the fact that I got eleven hours of sleep last night, or the Americano in my system. But it’s nice. My attitude is top notch and I’ve really been noticing how this has impacted every interaction I have. With customers, with the barista, with my coworker…I am complimenting people and have a downright annoying pep in my step.

I walked into Starbucks and asked for the Americano. Then I added, “Do customers keep coming in and telling you how pretty it is outside without caring that you’re stuck in here?” The barista laughed and said, “All. Day. Long.” I told him they do the same to me down the street.

He made the Americano and as he handed it to me, he raised his eyebrows, smiled cheesily and said in an overly cheerful voice, “Please enjoy this BEAUTIFUL day outside. Gosh it’s pretty.”

I’ve been adequately caffeinated since, all the way until several customers came in right as my manager was leaving. She said, “Beth will help you. She’ll be here on her own, so be patient!”

What I heard was, “I give you permission to lock Beth in this closet here and steal the $550 Arc’Teryx jackets.” But I’m still smiling! Beautiful day.

One thought on “espresso and eleven hours of sleep.

  1. Is it weird that every time I read about one of these interactions I wonder: was he cute? Gosh you probably get tired of married people asking that too 🙂 Love the categories btw

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