wan·ion [won-yuh n]

—noun Archaic. curse; vengeance.

My parents live in a sweet little neighborhood with a lot of sweet neighbors. So it was surprising to see a terribly nasty note posted in a neighbor’s yard while walking the dog. It was a bit hateful, all about not leaving dog crap in their yard. I wish I can remember the language exactly, I just remember making a face like “whoa…they are really upset and I hope I never run into these mean people” when I read it in July. Of course I didn’t know the whole story as to why they were so angry.

While walking Riley again, I saw that this is the same house that has a huge manger scene out front now. My thoughts on this were… If you’re going to be a jerk in July, leave the manger scene in the attic in December. Or people will be confused. I just hope the baby Jesus doesn’t end up with a wanion in his manger. Yikes.

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