\ koj-i-TEY-shuhn \  , noun; 

  1. concerted thought or reflection; meditation; contemplation.
  2. the faculty of thinking.
  3. a thought; design or plan.

I admire those who share their deep cogitations. Even cleverly shallow cogitations are admirable to me.

I’m currently in Raleigh, NC with friends from college. It’s freezing cold so we sit by the fire, Aaron brings us hot cocoa, and we laugh along to the jokes we’ve heard on Friends hundreds of times. We also went to see Wicked (for the fifth time! That sounds excessive and like we have heaps of money, but we just have interesting priorities.) It is such a clever, moving, and brilliant play. The lady next to me had constant cogitations, but they were not deep. They went something like, “Her dress is so big!” or “That’s a flying monkey!” Luckily, somewhere in the first half she stopped, just before I got severe cogitation agitation.

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