Uh-STIR ; adjective

1. Moving or stirring, especially with much activity or excitement.
2. Up and about; out of bed.

Not many places thrill my heart quite like Western North Carolina. Asheville is astir with kind folks off to hike to mountains, strong coffee to fuel them, and organic restaurants to sustain them. I lived here for nine years and it’s quite moving to come back and see different groups of friends. Work fiends, church friends, college friends, cousins, friends of friends, random friends that I don’t know how I met…what’s really memorable is when they join together for an evening out in downtown. The dueling piano bar was astir with new friendships being made, old friendships being strengthened, all while a lot of clapping to “Sweet Caroline” filled the room.

It’s been so lovely seeing folks over breakfast (blueberry coffee cake thanks to Laura!), lunch, dinner, and coffee in between. My heart and stomach are so full.

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