[ih-fuhl-juh nt, ih-foo l-] adjective

  1. shining forth brilliantly; radiant.

There are many things you shouldn’t do while traveling on a tight budget. One is pay $36 for one dinner at the top of the Space Needle. But it was Dwayne’s last night here and the sky was clear and we had to eat anyway…

It usually costs $35 to go up to the Needle, but if you spend that much at the restaurant, it’s free, so you might as well get a fancy dinner out of it. We piled into an elevator and a two-ish year old was close to the front. We went up quickly and the tour guide went into his spiel. But the little boy could not contain his excitement when he saw the effulgent sunset from 605 feet high. “WOW” he yelled in the sweetest toddler tone.

Tour guide: “The Space Needle was built for the”

Two year old: “WOW!”

Tour guide: “1962 Worlds Fair,”

Two year old: “WOW!”

Tour guide: laughter

Two year old: “WOW!”






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