verb (used with object), intenerated, intenerating.

  1. to make soft or tender; soften.

When I was in Doe Bay, I was surviving on protein bars for breakfast, lunch, and dinner until the café opened on Thursday evening for a menu full of pizza and pizza alone. It was also Open Mic Night. I showered and didn’t wear a hat and nobody recognized me without dirt on my face from digging holes or douglas fir lumber under my arms.

A gal named Beth and a fella named Bradford make up a band called “The Banner Days” and they were scheduled to play the following night at the café, but they gave us a sneak peek at Open Mic Night. They intenerated the crowd’s chatter. I think I cut off the conversation I was currently having and completely turned around in my chair to face them and hear each word. They have a soft and tender tone but then also kick it up a notch in an extraordinary way that makes you raise your eyebrows and tap your feet. I honestly have not opened my computer since without looking up YouTube videos of them. If they had a US tour, I’d reroute my rough plan and follow them. In a non-creepy stalker kinda way. Please enjoy:

This one makes me feel like all of nature is saying, “Come on, Beth! Get out here. Climb the trees, hike the mountains, sit by the shores. Explore. Dance, dance, dance with me.”

Come on. I just love it.

Can you listen to this without smiling and tapping your feet? Am I alone in my excited adoration?

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