[der-ing-doo] noun

  1. daring deeds.

If you are to go walking, hiking, adventuring on your own in Estes Park, CO, you have to have a slice of derring-do. Over a foot of snow fell this weekend and it’s been serene. I’ve watched about 19 episodes of Hart of Dixie on Netflix, I’ve enjoyed about 12 cups of coffee. I’ve heated about 3 cups of frozen soup. A girl can’t live on TV, caffeine, and soup alone.

I strapped on my derring-do along with my cousin’s snow shoes and set off to explore.

First, I set up my hammock and sat in it for about four minutes. The snow was falling as I took it all in. The colors looked lovely against the white bright snow.

2015-04-17 15.26.12

Then, I walked to the coffee shop. I saw this fella and his ears. He just stared. I stared back.

2015-04-16 13.02.06-1

Then that evening, I decided to hike to the sunset and this guy was only about twenty feet away when I looked up:

2015-04-17 19.32.30-1

The derring-do was lacking a bit here. Or common sense kicked in, and I turned around and took the long route to the sunset.

Then I saw deer prancing through the foot of snow. Colorado is wild and I love it.2015-04-17 19.38.52-1

And then a day later on another walk:

2015-04-18 15.34.18-2

I call this one “Greg, John, and Beth”

And then when I was back home watching my cousin’s dog, he started whimpering at the front window. When I went to look:

2015-04-18 16.38.37

And now after four days inside, I can get out after shoveling this driveway. I’ll need a massage ASAP.

photo (8)

And with my new found freedom, I took a drive to Rocky Mountain National Park and saw these fellas!!

photo (9)

Wild. I can’t imagine what I’ll see tomorrow. May I have the derring-do to set out to explore some more.

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