1. air, bearing, or demeanor, as showing character, feeling, etc.

I have experienced some oddly overwhelming feelings as of late whilst dog-sitting a pit bull mix. She is not mean at all. But her mien is one that has captured my heart. She is a ball of energy named Picnic who puts all of her weight into me when I pet her. When I look at her and say anything, her tail starts wagging strongly and pounds against the laminate flooring so loudly I cannot hear the Christmas in July Hallmark movie.

I’m head over heels in love with her. I think the feeling is mutual, as she cannot ever be close enough to me. Even if her entire torso is touching my body, it’s not enough. She has to move around, jamming her legs into my ribs, to get her face nuzzled up to my neck. She sighs deeply as if she couldn’t be more comfortable. Even when it’s not comfortable for me, I stay in that position for as long as I can.

photo (3)

Today after work, I let her outside and got her dinner ready. Then before I went outside to get her, I looked out the window and saw her hopping around, her tail wagging faster than the lizard she was trying to catch. Her mien is delightful. I found myself watching her with the biggest smile and thinking, she is the cutest and I couldn’t adore her more. 

I found tears forming in my eyes. Why? I don’t know. Maybe this is how parents feel when they see their kids completely enjoying themselves, when they look at them and are overwhelmed with pride and adoration. Maybe the Hallmark channel is making me overly emotional.

photo (4)

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