1. worship of the sun.

After leaving a highly air conditioned restaurant, I went outside, stood in the sun, and closed my eyes and savored how the sun felt as my goosebumps diminished. I then checked the Word of the Day and laughed when I read the meaning. The weather in Colorado has been so lovely; the sun warms at the same time the breeze cools. I do not think I’ve adjusted to Mountain Time yet so I still wake with the sun and go to bed when it does.

My cousins and I caught the Perseids meteor shower, seeing at least a dozen within the hour. We gasped, our smiles lighting up the night like the stars.

Early morning hikes full of wildflowers and chipmunks start my day off right. I bring my morning coffee along; my Yeti cup is heavy but my coffee remains hot and I take my time and bask and sip and repeat.

photo (1)

A lady going down the mountain while I was going up asked, “Are you alone?” I told her yes and she replied in a shockingly demeaning way, “Well, good luck!” I looked at her leather purse, sandals, and lack of preparation and wanted to reply, “I have three bottles of water, my trusty Merrells, a stun gun, a map, a knife, a raincoat, matches, a compass, a fleece, a protein shake, cashews, peanut butter, a journal to write about people like you, etc.” but instead I replied, “Thank you.”

Estes Park receives afternoon showers which force you to rest and get ready for tomorrow’s hike. I have been worshiping the sun for sure, and respecting the clouds and trying to get off the mountains before the thunder rolls. I’m thankful and I’m tanned.

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