1. using few words; expressing much in few words; concise.

My new Idahome is in the small town of Ketchum. And here’s my laconic description from my five days here.

Ketchum, ID: where bikes and wireless networks are left unlocked. Today is August 24th and I was chilly. The closest Target is two hours away. The library has a huge fireplace surrounded by over-sized leather chairs. If you aren’t dressed in a cowboy hat or in hiking boots or in your bike helmet, you do not fit in. There is no fast food; the closest thing is a hot dog stand called Dumpster Dogs, open until 2am. You’ll pass at least ten trail heads if you drive five miles on the highway (two lane road with as many elk crossing as cars driving). When I asked my roommate about where to get my oil changed, he said, “Oh my buddy will come get your car while you’re at work, change the oil, and return your car to your parking spot.” He keeps his house unlocked and said, “I found my house key after I lived here for six months.” The bank has routine barbecues and gives out hot dogs on the corner. There are over 150 millionaires who live here, millionaires who do not like being surrounded by a ton of people and who appreciate the beauty of mountains upon mountains upon mountains. You never know who you are serving.

Ketchum is awesome.

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