[kuhmoh-dee-uh s]


  1. spacious and convenient.
  2. ample or adequate for a particular purpose.

The cozy cabin is so comfortably not commodious. It’s convenient for me, because I’m little and I like not having to take too many steps to make coffee. Now I have a gigantic polar bear and when I look at him taking up an eighth of the whole living room, I realize the cabin is not commodious and I feel badly for him. But he gets more cuddles and he always feels close to his new momma. So I’m hoping his blog states that he loves his new cozy non-commodious cabin.IMG_20160310_171457



One thought on “commodious.

  1. Hi Beth,
    I love your posts and your love of words! Congratulations to your new “bear” who hit the jackpot with his new momma. I’m sure the cozy size of your cabin makes him feel secure and loved. I love the pic of him spilling out of his doggie bed! I have had and loved dogs all my life, ranging from 6-100 lbs. The truth is they all had the same sized heart and the unconditional love they give is a huge blessing to the humans that are lucky enough to call them theirs. Keep inspiring us with your love of words, dogs and the great folks you allow to touch your life.
    God Bless,

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