noun, plural cognomens, cognomina


1. a surname.
2. any name, especially a nickname.
On our way up a mountain, Pal pranced up to a tiny five-year-old gal. She squealed, “He’s the biggest dog I’ve ever seen!” His nose touched hers. She giggled and put her little hand on his huge head. I beamed like a proud mother, even though I had nothing to do with it. He came to me this way, gentle and gigantic. And with a fitting cognomen.

Pal is like a little Romeo who doesn’t even need words. While on a walk, a car was pulling into their driveway and he patiently waited for them to get out and say hello. Pal leaned into them as if he had waited months and months for this moment. He spent time schmoozing the husband, then went over to the wife, and then back to each of them one more time, his tail wagging wildly. Fair and square, a sweet meet and greet. I’m learning he urges people to stop and talk, so I should check my hair and brush my teeth before morning walks. Eh, they’re not looking at me anyway 🙂


One thought on “cognomen.

  1. I love your posts and it is so wonderful to see Pal in such a fitting place. Thanks so much for giving him the chance he so deserves. My heart is happy!

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