adverb, Chiefly Western U.S.

  1. very; exceedingly.

Season changes in Idaho overwhelm me. I thought nothing could beat autumn, but I find myself in awe because of the beauty of spring. After a long cold winter, it’s as if each flower is a message from God. One is saying, “You did it! Way to go!” Another: “This is for walking to work in 12 degree weather!” “This daffodil is for embracing the chilly skate ski mornings.” I listen to each flower’s sentiment and smile back.

I talk to Pal like he’s a person. “Bubs, look! Oh my gosh. To the left! Look at the lupines up there! We must get closer.”

Spring is larruping beautiful. It’s as if Pal reads my mind as he finds a cluster of wildflowers and sits among them. I take photos and laugh like a giddy child. The smell of the mountainside is intoxicating. Maybe that’s why I’m laughing so much, I’m wildflower drunk.

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