adjective, Chiefly British Informal.

  1. lacking in vitality or intelligence; stupid, dull, or clumsy.

I’ve said it several times, I love my evening job partly because I do not have a day job. Having all day to frolic with Pal feels like such a treat; it feels like I have all of this time off, even though I still work five nights a week. But things come up: leaky power steering pumps, broken phones, and trips. The inconsistently of serving was weighing on me.

So when I received a message from a coworker about the cutest bookstore in town needing very part time help, I was dialing the number before I even thought it through. You’ve Got Mail is one of my all time favorite movies, so a chance to be like Meg Ryan’s character? I was already thinking about cutting my hair to match the part. I also do not want to become gormless. I haven’t been reading or writing much as of late. After a hike, I get sucked into Netflix and get lost in the Rory/Dean, Rory/Jess story. Now I have time etched out a few times a week to open new books and close in on the laziness.

I’ve met many of the Idahoans thirsty for martinis and margaritas. Now I’m looking forward to meeting those thirsty for Steinbeck and Bachman. I read the New York Times by day and serve Wild Turkey and Bud by night. Seriously, could Chapter One Bookstore be any cuter? I’m excited about it being my chapter two in Ketchum.


One thought on “gormless.

  1. Your graphic of the bookstore is so inviting. I can smell he books from here. I can’t avoid them. You will meet many interesting folks in this job. I am so happy for you. Charles

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