1. a letter or parcel that is undeliverable by the post office because of a faulty or illegible address.

Chapter One Bookstore is so lovely and inviting. If I didn’t have a part time job here, I’d still want to spend hours browsing and enjoying. Author and Ketchum resident Charles Brandt agrees. He comes in to his “office” and sits in the comfy leather chair while I price books. He is what Will Ferrell would call “kind of a big deal” but he doesn’t come across this way. He is not the type to tell you he has many leather-bound books, he is the type to just have them.

We hit it off. He is excited about his latest book (I Heard You Paint Houses) becoming a Martin Scorsese film starring Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, and Al Pacino. (Mob Blockbuster “The Irishman”)

I’m excited about his excitement and to be having a conversation about writing with an incredibly successful writer. He shares photos of his grandson, I share photos of Pal. We laugh, we watch the rain, we chat some more. I like him a great deal. At the end of our conversation, I grab a Chapter One bookmark and jot my blog address down.

“I have a quirky blog, Charlie.”

He takes it and smiles. “Beth of fresh air,” he says. “That you truly are, honey.”

I blush a bit and he saunters out. I instantly think about my latest blog posts. I blush even more…I just told a best-selling true crime author with an upcoming Scorsese film worth $50 million about my blog that recently consists of pictures of a handsome dog in different bandanas. This makes me laugh out loud in the empty bookstore. I shake my head and then think about the fact that maybe De Niro or Pacino have an Akbash and an affinity for’s word of the day and we’ll make a movie about it starring Hayden Panettiere.

He returns to the bookstore a week later. We chat while I open boxes from a large UPS shipment. I open my fourth box and it happens to be Charlie’s book, a new special edition that he has yet to see. I hold one up and say excitedly, “Look what just came in!”

Charlie gasps. He is dialing his daughter’s phone number as he takes hold of the book. “It looks amazing!” I feel honored to witness the first time he flips through to see the added 57 pages. He beams. I gawk. We put one on display next to his other literary successes.

“If I buy your first copy, will you please sign it for me?”

He says of course and then pens:


This package was no nixie. It made my day. Come by Chapter One and chat, Sir Scorsese, I have a few ideas for you.

2 thoughts on “nixie.

  1. Today I was doing the Sunday crossword. I procrastinate. 100 down-undeliverable package! I felt so educated by my student. Thanks, Beth for Last! LOVE your posts!!!

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