1. acquaintances, friends, neighbors, or the like; persons living in thesame general locality and forming a more or less cohesive group.
  2. kindred.
  3. a group of people living in the same area and forming a culture witha common language, customs, economy, etc., usually endogamous.

Pal has a cutie pie kith named Lizzy. She’s a chihuahua terrier mix and Pal thinks she’s perfect. He doesn’t “play it cool” well; he’s a lot like his mom. So he dives in and overwhelms Lizzy. She snaps at him. He backs away briefly and then most likely thinks, “Okay, two seconds is enough time. Hi! What are you doing now? Want to play? Want to kiss?” He goes back in for more attention and she saunters away as if everything else on the trail is more exciting than him. He follows like a tiny puppy dog, even though he’s at least 80 pounds larger. It’s one cute kith.



Speaking of kiths, Pal got to see two of his favorite girlfriends today. They volunteer at the shelter and fell in love with him during his six months there. Dogs remember, I’m sure of it; today was proof. Pal ran to them with gusto and nuzzled in and seemed so overwhelmed with joy, that he even jumped up as if not able to contain his excitement. It was so heartwarming. I’m sorry I didn’t take any photos! I was too busy taking it all in.

But these photos make me smile…he really is an Idaho ski bum/hiker kinda fella.




3 thoughts on “kith.

  1. Thanks again for reaching out and letting us connect! You and Pal are one of those perfect matches that make my heart sing💖

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