adjective, Slang.

  1. homey; cozy and unpretentious.

My mom and dad came to Ketchum! They packed plenty of layers and made the long journey from Tampa, FL and it was beyond lovely to have the coziness of home in Idaho. I bought my mom an apron one year for Christmas that reads “Home is Where Your Mom Is” and aprons do not lie.

It felt incredibly haimish in the Hardin cabin. My dad sat on the floor and gave Pal soo much lovin’. My mom never walked by him without rubbing his belly (Pal’s, not my dad’s).  She brought him some cute new bandanas and an extendable leash which he didn’t even know he was missing, but boy was he!

We made pancakes and bacon for dinner and Pal watched it all politely and received a couple bites of bacon from each of us. He loves his grandparents an awful lot.

We ate, hiked, ate, explored, and hung out with some of my Idahome friends. They love being able to put faces to the names. Beautiful faces they are.

We took four of our days and drove to Glacier National Park and the experience will remain on my list of “Top 5 Experiences” for a long while, if not forever. We thought the drive was unbelievable, as proved by this tally sheet:


We played our family rummy game by firelight and I lost every single time. Regardless of the continual defeat, I can’t wait for them to come back and Pal probably dreams about it nightly. Next time, we request Greg, John, Katie, Jack, and Grandma Dixie’s presence. No pressure but Pal is on the floor waiting, belly up and ready.



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