verb (used without object), crepitated, crepitating.

  1. to make a crackling sound.

A crepitating fire soothes and invigorates and mesmerizes. It is a night’s entertainment when I’m lucky. The crackle sound is so distinct and warming and goes perfectly next to a cup of tea and big fluffy polar bear. In Ketchum, Idaho, fireplaces are very common. There’s one at Java Coffee House, over-sized leather couches surround the fireplace at the Wine Company, the library’s is picturesque, and the grocery store has the biggest one of all. I love sitting still for long enough to notice the crepitated bliss. I love noticing others noticing the crepitating. The crackle is contagious.

The sound I just heard on a walk with Pal closely compares; it is snowing big fluffy flakes which are falling on several feet of snow already on the ground. It’s so quiet. All I can hear is each flake hitting my jacket. It’s like time is moving slower than usual. I don’t think it’s just Florida girls who are standing in the road in awe. In my experience of being here for a year and a half, Idahoans know they live in extreme beauty. They get it and savor it and they giggle on powder days. Idahoans are some of my favorite people in the whole world.





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