1. a person with an optimistic and confident outlook.
  2. a person who habitually agrees with or is submissive to others.

President’s Weekend has lasted all week in Ketchum–the weekend mentality, the smiles, countless families on vacation gathering to eat at the Pioneer.

After meeting an exceptional family from Seattle, I shook my head in disbelief as I said to my coworker, “Have you had outrageously kind people lately? These families are lovely.”

She said, “You always say that.”

“Oh, I do not!! Not when people are flailing their arms about while putting their jackets on, not even looking if I’m carrying hot plates full of Idaho spuds. Or when people have demanding tones. Or are demeaning!”

“Mmhmm,” she said as if she stopped listening before I said ‘not’.

I’m not being a delusional yeasayer, I’m just saying these people have looked me in the eye, told me how much they appreciate me, and have called me by name. I call that lovely. They are families who tell me all about their Sun Valley adventures, they smile so big as they toast each other, the youngest joining in with his milk. A dad the other night said, “Wow, Beth really made this night special for us! What do we say?” and the blonde little toddlers beamed and in unison said, “Thank you, Beth!”

The restaurant has been full of people who seem to really enjoy the people they’re sharing their table with and it’s made me into an occasional yeasayer, I reckon. This isn’t always the case. It’s near impossible to get out of an irritable mood if I go in with one. Blonde toddlers help.

I am sure you folks treat your servers well and make them into yeasayers, too, and I’m proud to know you. You never know what kind of experience they had before you showed up. I am sure you tip 20% because you know they’re working very hard and might have a big polar bear to feed. We thank you greatly. 

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