norah jones.

Facebook memories can really knock you off kilter sometimes, you know what I mean? One minute you’re scrolling through and seeing your friend’s plate full of blueberry pancakes and then you get the memory notification and you are knocked in the face with the past. The day Ryan Cauble passed away. The Idaho aspens that were highlighter yellow sprinkled across the mountainside. The sunrise the morning we lost Grandma. I spend the next hours thinking about Ryan’s smirk, sitting amidst the dancing golden leaves, and how Grandma answered the phone when I called. “It’s my girl! Hello Precious!!”

Today’s memory made me smile and brought me back to the cozy Chapter One Bookstore. I nod my head and am thankful for the reminder from past Beth. Who knows what this year will bring?

“I don’t know if I’m exceptionally pensive because it’s a gloomy Monday with Norah Jones playing at the bookstore or what, but these simple facts are blowing my mind today: I didn’t know Idaho was stunning last April, now it overwhelms my heart and my photo gallery and your newsfeed daily. I didn’t know what an Akbash was in January, now I’m in love with one. I never thought my right knee would allow me to hike 12 miles in one day. I never knew the secret to a happy life was a good pair of wool socks. Your next year could be full of unknown things to you now. This seemed share-worthy after my second cup of coffee.”

Most likely no more wool socks in ol Floreeda. But more sunsets and dancing and wine with my new extraordinary roommates. A heart full of wonder and many more second cups of coffee.

One thought on “norah jones.

  1. Your words always move me Beth as do your pictures and your adorable pet. I cherish the memories of you and Pal in Idaho – and hope we see you back for a visit someday. Until then, I will hold tight to these lovely memories and always look forward to the next published post from “Beth of Fresh Air”. Much love to you and Pal😘

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