Monday-Friday. Eight to five. Day after day. More of the same. I sat an ergonomically-incorrect mahogany desk and thought, what happened to my dreams of travel and adventure? When are those supposed to happen? I had a lease, too much furniture, and so many responsibilities. Was I already stuck? I was so tired, mentally, physically, spiritually…wholly.

One day I brought up the idea of quitting my job and going to New Zealand to my coworker. He laughed and said, “You won’t.”

That was all the motivation I needed.  I learned my hobbit name (Dolly Sandybanks of Frogmorton) and bought a one-way ticket to arrive in Auckland on my 28th birthday.


I had a garage sale and sold my furniture and the excess that so easily accumulates.
I started dog sitting and washing cars and doing freelance jobs. I moved back home for two months before leaving to save enough money.

It was outstanding and exhilarating. While doing help exchange for six months (working a few hours a day for my housing and food), I realized I needed to continue putting off the Monday-Friday eight to five gig for as long as possible. I had never felt so alive. Travel doesn’t have to be expensive! To read more about New Zealand and help exchange, consider buying my eBook for the price of a venti Americano: Beth of Fresh Air: New Zealand

2014-01-13 10.45.41

Then I went back home to FL, spent priceless time with my grandparents, and worked multiple odd jobs. I hit the road for four months with my Kia named Sangria. After reading Donald Miller’s Through Painted Deserts in high school, this has been a dream of mine, to drive with not much of a plan, to meet fascinating people, and to live each day differently than the one before. I did help exchange out West and also stayed on a lot of couches with friends and friends of friends. I spent very little money and I had such a wealth of experiences, rich and priceless memories.

I’ve started gathering information from new people about how they’ve made friends after their twenties. I have been researching the human connection and what friendship really means and why some people are so darn likable. This thing called “chemistry” fascinates me and I am constantly confused and exhilarated by it.

Whilst driving through Idaho, I fell head over boots in love. Mountains upon mountains upon mountains. A town called Ketchum made me feel like I I was already home. It only took ten minutes in this town for me to realize it’s where I wanted to be. It was a strange but comforting feeling and I’m happy to say I now live, work, and play here. My Idahome.


I’m enjoying writing about trying to make this community my community. The people are so kind and hospitable, it’s almost not a fair case study.

I love new words and use’s word of the day to update you on the travels. Or other random thoughts. Now it’s inundated with a crazy handsome dog named Pal that I adopted from the animal shelter in February. He loves adventure and people and he makes me enjoy life even more.

I hope it’s a breath of fresh air. Thank you for reading.




  1. Hi, Beth!
    Aunt Dixie suggested I visit your blog, and I’m so glad I dropped by! I sure hope your travel plans will include Corvallis. Can’t wait to see you! Love, Jill (P.S. Don’t forget your rain gear!)

  2. YOU are so darn likable and I’m grateful to “other BAH” for introducing us on a quick break between your travels. Love the blog; keep it up you amazing and inspiring nomad!

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