About Me, again.

I’ve had many versions of this About Me page. First I was the dictionary.com Word of the Day blogger. Then I was the “I bought a one-way ticket to NZ” blogger. The site quickly became about the big white dog who everyone adored. So now….now I’m updating the About Me and it’s almost giving me an existential crisis. Yeah good question, cyber space, who am I now??

Haha I’m fine. In fact, just yesterday I was sitting by the pool (on January 11th) and writing about how I couldn’t be happier. It’s almost obnoxious to others! I get to go to the library with my niece and nephew. I love the gals I live with and the backyard is to die for. I enjoy going to work at the brewery and I’ve met the most incredible people. Life is really good. It’s simple right now. I find that extraordinary. This site will allegedly focus on making friends as an adult and finding the magic in the mundane. Thanks for being here.

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