TEEM \ ,verb;
1. To abound or swarm; be prolific or fertile.
2. To empty or pour out; discharge.
The two different definitions for teem seem contradictory to me.  To abound and yet to empty.  I shall carry on and bring you my thoughts teem with confidence and insight, at the same time that I teem the confusion of the contradiction.  Are you confused?  As am I. 
My new apartment is teeming with quaint character.  In my poor young adult life, I have found that I am easy to please when it comes to housing situations.  I don’t mind tacky wallpaper as long as it…well, nothing else, I just don’t mind it.  I like small appliances and small bathrooms because I am small.  Give me a window and I feel like I will be inspired to write eloquently and play the piano better than I could in a dark windowless room.  This quaint apartment has four gigantic 7-feet-tall windows.  Teeming with light.  Teeming with inspiration.
Bring on the flowery pastel wallpaper that is peeling off, I will embrace it as my own.  

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