\ AK-tuh \noun;
1. Official records, as of acts, deeds, proceedings, transactions, or the like.
Official acta for Elizabeth “Eli” “Beth” “Boss Momma” on 10.06.10
8:59 am.  Clock in for work.
9:00 am.   Walk 12 steps to the coffee pot.  Organic  Sumatra with 2 creamers.
9:02 am.  Check email for official business.  Only see the Word of the Day and an invitation to study Criminal Justice at Virginia College in South Carolina. 
9:05 am.  Chit Chat with my office suitemate. 
9:10 am.  Coffee refill.
9:15 am.  Sign making, printing, passing out.
11:02 am.  Pick up 3 bright red leaves to tape on my computer.
1:00 pm.  Buffalo Chicken Wrap I’ve been waiting 2 years for.  Meet some folks to add to my marketing audience. 
2:00 pm.  Coffee. 
2:02 pm.  Banners.  Order.  Confirm.  Banter with my office roommate.  My officemate.
5:30 pm.  Back to the cozy room.  Can hear every note practiced at the theatre for the big Chicago show.  And all that jazz.
6:00 pm.  Dance to Chicago and unpack.
9:00 pm.  Write out my official acta.

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