\bree-koh-LAHZH; brih-\, noun:
Construction or something constructed by using whatever materials happen to be available.
I knew it would happen.  The day where the word of the day wonderment needed to be a bricolage, and the materials would not be abundant enough.  
We all have to ‘wing it’ from time to time.  We’ve had to throw a forgotten paper together in an hour with the materials we have, which may not be enough to convince the teacher we knew what we were talking about.  I once wrote a short story for English that only consisted of me telling the reader why I couldn’t decide on a topic.  Luckily, the teacher thought this creative and not lazy. 
Now that I have one avid follower, my sweet twin brother, I have writers block.  I have no doubt that more material will present itself tomorrow and I shall continue on with this bricolage. 
Stay tuned, brother. 
I may have one follower, but I love him as much as other people love 100 people combined.  Thus, I technically have 100 followers.

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