ROB-uh-ruhnt \adjective, noun;
1.      Strengthening; restoring vigor.
1.      A strengthening medicine; a tonic; a restorative.
Today was a picture perfect Saturday that was also roborant and refreshing.  Saturdays never used to be a day that restored vigor for me.   They used to the busiest day at the store.  Those were the days where I felt like I had no love or patience left in me.  Where I snapped at small children and the hot tamales are all that got me through. 

But now I work the hours country songs sing about, 9-5.   Weekends are now real ends to my week.  Today was a beautiful 69 degrees.  I grabbed my pink camera that used to be Grandma Doris’ and drove to the Blue Ridge Parkway.  I sent my Grandma bright red leaves from my first Fall in NC, and she kept them for six years.  This warmed my heart an overwhelming amount.   I thought the first pictures I took with the pink camera should be of bright red leaves. 
Fall hasn’t officially peaked yet, so I knew I’d have to drive to higher elevations to see the drastic color change.  So I chose 6,684 feet tall at Mt. Mitchell.  The breathtaking drive, the quiet trails, the smell of autumn…it was a roborant Saturday.  The hours of solitude restored more vigor than I knew I had.  Dedicated to the sweetest Grandma there ever was, Doris Elizabeth.  

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