\ kri-PUS-kyuh-lur \, adjective;
1.Of, pertaining to, or resembling twilight; dim.
2.(Zoology) Appearing or active at twilight.
Hogwarts has an all around crepuscular feel to it.  Even the celebration banquets are a bit dim.  I am not sure if the Twilight books have a crepuscular feel.  People tell me that even though they’re about vampires, they’re not scary.  I don’t really trust these people because they do not know how scared I get at unscary things.
I am sitting on the porch named for Miss Kathy outside my apartment, and straight ahead are leaves so red they evoke such emotion out of me, I keep finding tears in my eyes.  To the right, the tree that artist’s would say is in the foreground, is a mixture of LSU yellow, UF orange, and Alabama red.  The background trees look Christmasy and in the process of blooming.  You think I’ve forgotten the word of the day because I’m distracted by fall.  But these trees, that were an hour ago coruscating, are now crepuscular as the sun is going down.  The trees are so everchanging from hour to hour to day to day that my camera cannot keep up.  I feel as though necessity is upon all of us, and we must embrace this season now, for soon we will be tucked in our snuggies and wanting hot soup for every meal as the snow falls down around us.  We must embrace it from dusk to dawn, from teatime to twilight.

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