\ SLUHG-uh-bed \ , noun;
1.One who stays in bed until a late hour; a sluggard.
I was tempted to take out the part after the semicolon in the definition.  Since a semicolon separates two complete thoughts, I could’ve.  “One who stays in bed until a late hour” makes me sigh and say Mmmm.  This morning, a Monday, a forgotten red bull, and pouring down rain, I could’ve been a very content slugabed.  Sometimes when I look around my room from the comfort of my bed, I see my mountain bike and my running shoes and I feel so guilty for being a slugabed.  I’ve learned to not look.
Some slugabeds are not terribly sluggard, because sleeping in is something they adore.  If you adore sleeping, spending a lot of time doing so is not a bad thing.  So says me.  Goodnight. Mmmm.

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