\ en-SEYNT \ , adjective;
1.Pregnant; with child
1.A wall or enclosure, as of a fortified place.
In my younger days, the days of Fisher Price and OshKoshBeGosh, I imagined myself as an enceinte 22-year-old.  My blue stereo had a microphone and it got a lot of playing time as I sang every Wilson Phillips song I knew, which was all of them, to no one but my reflection in the mirror.  “Hold on for one more day…” then “Release me…” very contradicting but I sang my heart out and imagined I was older.  Usually in my imagination, I was married to my 5th grade boyfriend.  We had gone our separate ways, he had to ‘release me’ for crying out loud, then we’d get back together and decide to ‘hold on for one more day.’   We’d get married at age 21, after college.  Then I’d become pregnant, enceinte, and we’d have a beautiful family with three children and a pet bunny named Milky Way.  

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