trep-uh-DAY-shuhn \noun;
1.[Archaic] An involuntary trembling; quaking; quivering.
2.A state of dread or alarm; nervous agitation; apprehension; fright.
Halloween is the frequent cause of trepidation.  It was for me in 4th grade.  I went to a Halloween Party for the Little Ladies Club.  Being the smallest lady in the club, I was named President.  So I attended the party, even though I heard we were going to a haunted house.  I told the mother chaperone that I would stay with her outside and let the girls go through the haunted house, because I hated being scared.  She encouraged me to try it because I’d regret it if I didn’t. 
She was very very wrong.  Trepidation came in big amounts for this little lady.
As we were walking through the first haunted room, a man in a coffin popped out and we all screamed, just like the haunted house creator had planned.  The man in the coffin reached down, picked me up, put me in the coffin with him, then closed the lid.
When it comes to Halloween, I have been in a constant state of dread or alarm since.  I didn’t step down as the Little Ladies Club President, but I have stayed away from haunted houses to the best of my ability.

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