\ ih-MEND \ , verb;
1.To free from faults or errors; correct.
2.To edit or change a text.
I’d like to emend the misconception of “cafeteria food”.  It’s 2010 and steaks are being grilled.  In a cafeteria near you.
I’d love to emend the “you’re 25 and should be dating or close to marriage or having children by now” misconception.  It’s 2010 and people wait til they’ve tried 4 jobs and moved to the mountains, then the water, then back to the mountains to settle down and try their 5th job. 
I’d emend hateful attitudes.  People who believe religion means, “you are terrible if you’ve done this, that, aborted, or even thought about being gay.”  I’d emend the misconception that Jesus wasn’t all about love.  That he didn’t take people as they were…it may be 2010, but may we remember that Jesus is still all about love. 

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