\ id-ee-uh-GLOS-ee-uh \  , noun;
1.A private form of speech invented by one child or by children who are in close contact, as twins.
2.A pathological condition in which a person’s speech is so severely distorted that it is unintelligible.
I have the most incredible twin brother known to any twin sister or twin brother out there.  Not just because he has the sweetest pumpkin of a dog, or because he leaves the best rambling voicemails, but also because of our idioglossia. 
What a lucky girl I am to have him.  I think this so often. 
John and I used to watch Escape to Witch Mountain and put our hands together like the girl and boy twins in the movie…and wait for the magical beam of light to happen like in the movie.  I don’t even remember what happened when the magical beam beamed.  I just remember loving the fact that I had a twin brother, too.
A few years back, I was in Thessaloniki, Greece, with the worst ear infection of my life.  I had called my mom to tell her I was so miserable, because telling your mom always makes it a little better.  Later, she told me that John called that same day and said he had a terrible ear infection.  Same ear.  That’s probably the closest we’ve ever gotten to twin powers.  Although, I can usually decipher his mumbling like no other.  Perhaps that’s our idioglossia.  Our own language though?  Neh.  Just a different nickname with every phone call.  Tum Tum, Chubbs, Chicken Little, Pip, Rooster, Broski, Colt, etc.  

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