\ kon-san(g)-GWIN-ee-us \  , adjective;
1.Of the same blood; related by birth; descended from the same parent or ancestor.
Thanksgiving is a great day to enjoy your consanguineous family.  Today’s our first Thanksgiving without Grandma.  Just the slight thought of it makes us emotional.  It’s funny how little things stick out as big gems.  Grandma with her watered down white zinfandel, asking John ‘to get over here and carve this turkey’, and how every pie was “too dry, too flaky, or too sweet.”
They were always perfect. 
Consanguineous people are the best kind, whether other people believe so or not.  John’s making his very own special sweet potatoes, and walking over to the pantry like a drunken goose.  Greg and Dad are snoring on the couch because of the strong ‘pterodactyl’ in the turkey.  Mom is looking through Black Friday ads and saying, “Should we go?  Neh I don’t want to.  Well, we could…”
The table is set with Grandma’s beloved pilgrim salt & pepper shakers.  The house smells delicious.  We are surrounded by consanguineous beauty.  “Happy Happy.”  

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