\ WEEL \ , noun;
1.Well-being, prosperity, or happiness.
2.A raised mark on the surface of the body produced by a blow.
3.(Obsolete:) the state or body politic.
My legs are sore and my hat smells like the campfire.  Both are signs of pure weal from the weekend.  I close my eyes and can see the rolling mountains of the Blue Ridge in view from the peak of Big Hump.  The fresh crisp air of 32 degrees was intimidating at first, but I think it was good for my well-being, my weal. 
We hiked up one of fit-man Bryson’s ‘quarter miles’ up to a barn that was made into a shelter on the Appalachian Trail.  We had the unique experience of meeting new people by the glow of the campfire.  When we saw them by the morning sun, I was surprised to see what I had missed.  I think we should all first meet people by a campfire.  With lifted moods and no way to see every imperfection.  There are no socially awkward pauses, for pauses are expected when under bright stars, looking out over mountain after mountain.  People are judged less harshly.  I think it added to my weal of the weekend.
We rose to the sun and the coffee strong and black.  We soaked up the beauty, but knew there was more ahead of us.  Bryson had planned a 8½ mile hike.  The hike itself was breathtaking.  For 3 of the 5 hours we hiked, we walked along the ridge with a great view in sight.  Also a perfect way to boost weal.  When we stopped for lunch, I turned my phone on to snap a picture and was surprised I had service.  A message came through with the Word of the Day.  

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