\ DAHY-vuh-geyt \  , verb;

1.To wander; stray.
2.To digress in speech.
Pirates of the Caribbean is on tv.  Rumor is the Black Pearl was anchored outside of Clearwater not too long ago.  The only kind of boat I’m any good at maneuvering is a canoe, which usually does not need an anchor, but just a rope. 
“A rope walked into a bar, and the bartender wouldn’t serve him because he was a rope.  The rope went outside and tied himself in a knot and frayed his edges.  He went back in and for the third time, asked, ‘can I have a drink?’  The bartender said, ‘Are you a rope?’ and he replied, ‘I’m a frayed knot.’”
I think bartenders are highly skilled in the memory department. 
I remember my fifth grade friends’ phone numbers.
We don’t need to remember phone numbers anymore, in 2010.
My middle school friends and I used to talk about how wild it’d be when it was 10.10.10 or 11.11.11.  We talked about being 25 years old and imagined what our lives would be like.
I just set a goal for myself, to be up and aware at 11:11 on 11.11.11.  Quite the wish that night, quite the wish.

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