\HAHY-uh-lahyn\ , adjective;
1.Glassy or transparent.
1.In biochemistry, a horny substance found in hydatid cysts, closely resembling chitin.
1.Of or pertaining to hyaline.
1.In biochemistry, a transparent substance found in cartilage, the eye, etc., resulting from the pathological degeneration of tissue.
I am sitting next to a hyaline window at Barnes and Noble.   The view is breathtaking, I can see 11 mountaintops.  This is one reason why Asheville, NC is such a great place.  The views of the mountains from the mall, the grocery store, WalMart, all ordinary places, are so extraordinary.  If Palm Harbor could be that way, where we could always see the beach, then Palm Harbor would have it all, my family, my pup, and incredible scenery.
This hyaline window also makes for a frigid seat.  Maybe they don’t want people to stay here for four hours, never buying books, just Noblin’ like it’s a library.
The snow is pouring down, and I can’t focus on a book.  I feel like I’m trapped in a snowglobe, in a good way.  

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