\ LAN-yap \  , noun;
1.A small gift given with a purchase to a customer, for good measure.
2.A gratuity or tip.
3.An unexpected or indirect benefit.
I wish I would’ve known this word for my days in retail and we included something with their purchase.  I would’ve had a blast saying to customers, “Hey there.  Credit or Debit?  Thanks for coming in today, here’s your lagniappe!”  Some customers weren’t even happy with a free gift.  Downtown Asheville with family or friends or both, walking, eating, shopping, and there were so many grumpy people.  
One smirmy man came through my line, spent twice as much as my paycheck without a smile, then literally threw his credit card down.  He asked for directions, and I told him, gladly, about how he should turn around on the street we were on, as to avoid going down the One Way street he would be heading toward, because it would not get him to his desired destination.  He looked at me as if I had just punched his puppy.  He said, in the gruffest tone, “I am going THAT way.”
My face got red.  I hid the lagniappe behind my back and said, “Then you’ll figure it out.”
He looked surprised as he grabbed his belongings. I went and huddled around my t-shirts that did not talk back. 

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