\KOSH-er\ , verb;
1.To treat with special fondness.
Many Jewish folk cosher items that are kosher.  I coshered my Jewish professor at Mars Hill, Dr. Ziffer.  A Holocaust survivor, I imagined he’d be a wealth of knowledge and history.  I was right, but he very much surprised me with his spirituel wit and charm.  He told stories that made a 3 hour class feel like a sweet conversation over coffee and cheesecake.  He captivated a classful with the story of meeting his love in the midst of the war.  I also learned more about the Bible than I did in 10 years of Sunday School.  The timeline of the Bible started to come alive and the stories became eons more powerful.   Word of mouth spread whenever Dr. Ziffer would be speaking at chapel and the place would be packed and not a one regretted their attendance (surely).  Dr. Ziffer was a professor that justifies my loans. 

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