\BED-luhm\ , noun;
1.A scene or state of wild uproar and confusion.
2.An archaic term for an insane asylum or madhouse.
It was a scorching Saturday to start the 4th of July weekend.  Some friends of mine were meeting at the Hemlocks to swim and I gladly agreed to meet them.  I packed my towel and book and drove the hour and a half to the river.  I circled through the campground and saw no familiar cars.  Then I circled through the picnic area and again, no familiar cars, just a lot of friendly faced strangers.  I called four cell numbers, but no one had service.  I drove past the campground and found a car I knew, so I pulled in and took the trail by his car down to the river.  I chose to go right and walked the length of the trail, but saw no one.  Then I turned around and went left, no one.  On my way back to the right, my phone must’ve passed through a patch of service and I received a text message.  I was relieved thinking it’d say, “we’re here by the pavilion!”  Or something equally descriptive.  Instead, it was from  Bedlam: A scene or state of wild uproar and confusion.  I chortled.  This was confusion alright, but not wild uproar.  Then a boy around 8 years old started following me down the trail and pretending to shoot me, making noises with his mouth.  Mild uproar.
Finally, I sat on a rock in the sun, put my feet in the river, ate my sub from the ‘way, and decided I’d see them next time.  Next time I will get clear directions to avoid a mild bedlam.

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