\GUHMP-shuhn\ , noun;
1.Initiative; aggressiveness; resourcefulness.
2.Courage; spunk; guts.
Gumption can come and go.  I think some folks naturally have more spunk and courage, sure.  But I feel like my gumption has returned to me as of late.  Yesterday even, actually.  My initiative is through the roof, my optimism is leading me to be resourceful and aggressive.  I have started drinking water from a coffee cup, perhaps this is tricking my brain and making me think I’m hopped up all day long, thus I gumpt away.  Today I read a poem by a gem of an alumna from 1951 and I was extremely moved.  Moved to the point that I wrote her a letter, typed out her poem, made it into a poster for my new office, and will probably send it to my friends and family if I get her permission.  What a gem, who wrote about Mars Hill in a way that I’ve longed to be able to. 

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