\HOH-luhs-BOH-luhs\ , adverb;
1.      All at once; altogether.
The class of 2015 moved to ‘The Hill’ last week.  I’ve been semi-pretending I am one of them, but I am too old to wander around campus at 2 am and I’m too tired to play ultimate frisbee for hours and hours.  I’m just not that ultimate anymore. 
I could hang with the freshmen at the Welcome Chapel service though.  The chaplain did a phenomenal job of meshing clever with inspiration with…appropriation.  She spoke of a journey and how we are all on one.  When we got pegged in dodgeball in elementary school, we longed for middle school.  When our boyfriend broke up with us because of our orange and blue braces, we longed for high school.  In high school, we just knew the promised land would be college with endless French fries and sweet tea in the dining hall. 
But we never quite reach the promised land.  The promised land is the journey, perhaps, thought the chaplain out loud.
She kept repeating the phrase, “we’re all in this together.”  We all journey.  The freshmen, the faculty, the cafeteria ladies, and the president.  We’re all in this together. 
So let’s say it, holus-bolus, “we are all in this holus-bolus.”

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