altruistic \al-troo-IS-tik\  , adjective:
1. Unselfishly concerned for or devoted to the welfare of others.
My altruistic Aunt Heather passed away almost two weeks ago.  What struck me is how quickly it all happened.  In mere seconds, my extraordinary Aunt Heather went from “is” to “was.”  I hated how fast this happened.  None of us were ready.  “Heather was a special lady.  She was so loved but so many.”  This made me want to scream—she IS special, she IS loved!  It’s hard.  Especially losing someone like Heather.  She (here comes the inevitable past tense) loved purely and whole-heartedly, and spread joy wherever she went.  She truly is a role model and I aim to be more like her, altruism flowing freely.

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