/in-soo-see-uhnt/ adj. 
1.  free from concern, worry, or anxiety; carefree; nonchalant.
I’m old enough now to call Book Club and decaf coffee a happenin’ evenin’.  We’re on our 3rd book.  Extremely Loud Incredibly Close left me extremely depressed and incredibly ready for The HelpThe Help left me awe-inspired.  The Forgotten Garden introduced me to my new favorite word.  “Beautiful and young and impossibly insouciant.”  I find that I like when things are “impossibly” something.  What a great way to describe the magnitude of what the author/speaker is trying to say.  I’m delighted by it.  Impossibly delighted.
The days I feel insouciant (usually Saturdays) are so sunny and whimsical and they’re doused in song.  They have a perfect 70/30 mix of being alone with a hot beverage and then being around people I truly care about. 
FREE from concern, worry, or anxiety.  I feel insouciant now, sipping on a mocha while listening to live music at Well Bred.  A boy around the age of 8 just joined the band with his guitar.  Impossibly cute.

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