\mench\, noun:

A decent, upright, mature, and responsible person.

Is it too much to ask to read a craigslist ad written by a mensch?  The things people include have cracked me up.  If I were seeking a roommate, I think I would include the necessities.  I’d keep it short and include things that I would really like my future to roommate to know.

Here are some that make me click the X and try again:

I am into yoga, nuts, berries, milk, and butter.  (I’d like to respond, ooh sorry I’m not *into* butter, so I don’t think this is going to work out.)

WASHER/dryer (Is the WASHER much bigger than the dryer? Why wholly capitalize one and neglect the other?  GoodBYE.)

Smoker wants the perfect roommate. (Another smoker?  A person who doesn’t smoke but buys a lot of lighters?)

We are very open minded and easy to get along with.  Absolutely no meat prepared or eaten or even brought into the house. (Don’t even think about meat in this house.)

(The next two came from the same post, which really I found charming, because they are excited about the little things)

Fridge, with ice in door!  (Whoa!!  I must consider this one!)

Food storage pantry (Forget the ice in the door, a pantry!  That’s worth $500/month.)

Whew.  I’m not saying these folks aren’t menschs…they might be decent, upright, mature, and responsible.  But they’re not going to be my future roommates.

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